Headboard Margot

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Headboard Margot

A Quaglio Simonelli signature piece, the sumptuous design of the Margot headboard will make your sleep space warm and cosy.

Headboard thickness: 13 cm at the cushion, 42 cm at the bottom

Weight: 28.8 kg (180 cm long)

Wooden structure: Resistant material, extended lifespan

Load-bearing headboard on specific Prisme feet

This headboard must overhang any bed base by 4 cm on each side.

Available in all Pierre Frey colours, in categories A, B, C, D or E

Leather finish: meticulous, elegant finish

Leather version with heaving stitching: Highlighted details and finishes

Prêt-à-porter upholstered back: Elegance and simplicity

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