Mattress Paris Budapest

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Mattress Paris Budapest

The high-end Paris Budapest mattress combines our two legendary Tréca suspension systems for unique comfort. The dynamics of Pullman® suspension and the independent support and point-by-point morphological hold of the Air Spring® pocket spring suspension have been combined for a fusion suspension system that provides even better nights. In winter, you benefit from the gentleness and warmth of the Camel Wool, Silk, Linen and Cashmere. In summer, your nights will be naturally thermoregulated with the Linen, Silk and Cashmere.

  • Firm Support
  • Dynamic Comfort
  • Loft: 30 cm
  • Option: French linen ticking and Silk Cashmere Ticking

Made of 83% viscose and 17% silk, the ticking on the surface and strip is soft and silky. The strip quilted by our artisans holds the mattress strip perfectly.
The surface is embroidered for an extraordinary high-end finish; the 8 embroidered handles enable easy mattress handling while the 4 vents ensure excellent ventilation and perfect hygiene for the Tréca mattress.

French Linen Ticking Option
French from the farming to the spinning, the linen is produced by our supplier which is a certified Living Heritage Company and one of the oldest linen weavers in the country. Linen farming requires very little pesticide and water and is soil-friendly, which makes it an organic fibre.

Silk Cashmere Ticking Option
Light and pleasant to touch, Silk and Cashmere let the skin breath during heatwaves.

Fusion Suspension : Air Spring® pocket spring suspension and Pullman® suspension
The Fusion suspension combines the benefits of the two legendary Maison Tréca suspension systems. Since it follows the sleeper’s movements and morphology, the Air Spring® suspension system provides excellent a point-by-point hold and the ideal independent support. Pullman® suspension progressively and proportionally reacts to the pressure on it.

Integral quilting
To keep the materials in place and guarantee long-lasting comfort, our artisans quilt our high-end mattress completely by hand.

This reinforces the sitting area to prevent deformation and extend the life of the mattress, offering you edge-to-edge comfort.

In winter: 1.5 cm firm Softcare®, 400 g/m2 Camel wool, 100 g/m2 Linen-Silk-Cashmere
The combination of Camel and Cashmere provides warmth and softness while the breathability of the Linen and Silk respect the body’s natural thermoregulation.

In summer: 1.5 cm firm Softcare®, 400 g/m2 Linen, 100 g/m2 Linen-Silk-Cashmere

The Linen and Silk will give you a feeling of freshness as well as a light touch. These noble materials allow the skin to breathe and offer restorative sleep even on hot summer nights as the Linen is a natural thermoregulator.

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