Bed base Supercad

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Bed base Supercad

The SUPERCAD bed base is the first relaxation bed base created by Tréca Paris. Its name comes from the first letters of the words Couché (lying down), Assis (sitting), Détendu (relaxed)… which summarizes the comfort possibilities with this bed base.

  • Standard frame height: 18 cm.
  • Sleep alignment thickness: 9 cm.

The frame can be fitted with a bed skirt or flounce from the Tréca line or even with your own fabric.

Flat mirror finished metal footboard

Remote-controlled LED safety lighting

TP03 and TP05 ticking

Omega Spring pocket spring suspension.

5 sleep alignments

4 motors are activated with a Bluetooth remote control.

Integrated travelling or the entire sleep alignment can move back while the head and chest are lifted.

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