Mattress Impérial Air Spring® Prestige

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Mattress Impérial Air Spring® Prestige

The Impérial Air Spring Prestige is the flagship of the line with its pocket spring suspension and all-natural materials in very large quantities for an extremely comfortable sleep surface in summer as well as in winter. Available in 4 firmnesses to choose from (one to four moons), there is also a softened shoulder area option for better ergonomics.

  • Medium-Firm, Firm, Very Firm or Extra Firm Support
  • Firm Comfort
  • Loft: 29 cm

French Linen Ticking Option
Linen is an environmentally-friendly fibre as it only uses a little water and pesticide and does not harm the soil. One of the oldest linen weavers supplies us with their exceptional products as a certified Living Heritage Company. From start to finish, our French linen is produced in the North of France and in Normandy

Option The relaxation bed base offer a uniquely peaceful experience.

Bi-comfort option
A bet with different comfort levels on the 2 sides of the mattress for custom comfort. Softened Shoulder Area Option Relief for the shoulder area with adapted suspension in this area; exclusive ticking and padding.

Air Spring® pocket spring suspension : in the pockets, Air Spring® pocket springs become independent from each other, all movements are controlled, thereby providing independent support. This suspension enables an evolving sleep surface for each sleeper.

Integral quilting : Maison Tréca has been training artisans to hand-quilt all of our mattresses for years. Quilting is a way to refine a mattress with a filled surface and good material hold.

Fairing: The mattress is reinforced at the strips for long-lasting comfort.
The two sleep sides of the Impérial Air Spring® Prestige are made of materials that adapt to different seasons. In winter, 1 kg/m² of Wool, for soft warmth and comfort as well as perfect insulation.
In summer, ventilation is essential so the mattress can breathe, 1.2 kg/m² of White Cotton is thus ideal for meeting this need and guaranteeing the health of your bedding.
To finish off these highly padded sleep sides, a 2 or 4 cm layer of Latex is added depending on the firmness. For point-by-point morphological comfort, the sleeper is supported all night long.

Made of Viscose and Cotton, the strip and surface of the Impérial Air Spring® Prestige mattress offer a high-quality silky touch. To add finishings and details, Tréca master artisans have sewn on 8 embroidered handles to put their signature on the mattress. Ventilation is essential for a healthy mattress and that’s why 4 vents are on them to circulate the air.

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