Mattress Impérial Pullman® Prestige

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Mattress Impérial Pullman® Prestige

The Impérial Pullman® Prestige mattress offers you a choice of support (firm or extra firm) with Extra Firm comfort from the Pullman® suspension which progressively and proportionally reacts to the pressure on it all while ensuring tonic comfort and dynamic, progressive support. The climatic materials combining Softcare® with wool in the winter and cotton in the summer are ideal for natural thermoregulation.

  • Firm or Extra Firm Support
  • Extra Firm Comfort
  • Loft: 29 cm

French Linen Ticking Option

We’ve chosen the best Linen supplier which completes all the Linen production phases in the North of France and in Normandy. From a certified Living Heritage Company, French linen is an absolutely environmentally-friendly fibre.

Double Pullman® Suspension: The double Pullman® suspension is a unique source of comfort with tonic firmness. It’s a unique suspension system that offers support which progressively and proportionally reacts to the pressure on it.

Integral quilting: The material hold, volume and surface look are emphasized thanks to this manual work done by our Tréca master artisans.

Fairing: all of the edges of the mattress are reinforced for the best hold and an extended life.

The Impérial Pullman® Prestige mattress has two sleep sides for comfort that adapts to each season. The winter side features natural fibre, 1 kg/m² of Wool, which is perfect for this cold season because of its insulating properties.

In summer, 1.2 kg/m² White Cotton is ideal for ventilating the mattress all while providing softness and hygiene.

The Impérial Pullman® Prestige mattress is of high-end quality; the finishes feature viscose and cotton in the strip ticking and surface which are noble materials that are pleasant to the touch.

Signed by our master artisans, the mattress is finished off with 8 practical, embroidered handles.

A healthy mattress is necessary for an extended life; thus, the 4 vents have a positive impact on mattress ventilation.

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