Mattress Platinum Essentiel

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Mattress Platinum Essentiel

Beyond the materials, our Platinum Essential mattresses are innovative in their integral asymmetric double suspension . The winter side offers great suspension specially designed so you can snuggle up in your bed and enjoy the cosiness and warmth of the camel wool, cashmere and silk.
The winter side provides less suspension for support closer to the surface so you can fully enjoy the freshness of the bamboo fibre, linen or silk. The mattress toppers from the Platinum collection perfectly combine with Essential mattresses.

The detail in the Platinum Essential mattress finishes is remarkable.

The surface and strip are made of silky ticking with the combined viscose and Silk.

The 8 embroidered handles perfectly finish off this mattress as the high-end Tréca signature feature all while ensuring easy handling.

Excellent ventilation is required to keep bedding healthy and that’s why the Platinum Essential mattress has 4 Tréca signature vents.

Asymmetric double Air Spring® pocket spring suspension: Provides progressive comfort on the sleep surface all while respecting the body’s curves and different sleeping positions. This technology offers you excellent independent support for the entire body.

Integral quilting: Made exclusively by hand, all of the materials are maintained to provide delicate comfort and natural fluffiness for many, many years.

Fairing and strip encasing: Reinforces all of the mattress in the sitting area all while maintaining the initial shape and comfort over time.

The Platinum Essential mattress is offered with different comfort levels based on the sleeper’s preferences with different types of filling for the summer and winter sides.

For firm support and comfort, the Platinum Essentiel mattress is made of 800 g/m² Camel Wool padding for the winter. This luxurious material comes from the animal’s neck. It’s warm and provides incredible plush comfort. In summer the g/m² Bamboo Viscose is ideal for absorbing moisture. Pure and healthy, Bamboo Viscose fibre is renowned for being an environmentally-friendly product.

For Extra firm support and comfort, the Platinum Essential mattress offers 400g/m² Cashmere on the winter side as well as Horsehair and Wool. The gentleness of the Cashmere adds a warmth to the comfort all while enhancing the thermoregulating properties.

The summer side is made of 400g/m² Linen which is ideal for this season. This natural, plant-based and irrepressible solid fibre absorbs all the moisture for absolute freshness.

The Horsehair will keep your mattress intact over time because of its immense resilience.

The Platinum Essential mattress is also available with Very Firm support and Supple comfort. The winter side, made of 1.2 kg/m² Silk and 500 g/m² Wool offers a delicate sleep surface. Silk is a soft, breathable material while Wool provides the perfect insulation for nights without major temperature variations.

The summer side of the Platinum Essential mattress combines the excellent ventilation of the 400 g/m² Cotton as well as the absolute hygiene, lightness and softness of the 600 g/m² Silk so the skin can breathe even during heatwaves.

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