Premiere Melusine Mattress

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Melusine Mattress

An ecodesigned model offering dynamic comfort where the exclusive Softcare material complements the French wool.

  • Confort : Dynamic
  • Support : Firm or Extra Firm
  • Hauteur : 27 cm

65% polyester, 35% viscose sleeping surface ticking (PRE01)

100% cotton technical surface ticking

66% cotton, 34%polyester border ticking (PRB22)

5 embroidered handles

100% cotton braiding

Air Spring® pocket spring suspension with zoned support:
An iconic suspension that offers gradual contact tailored to all body types, perfect sleeping independence and real point-by-point support. Thanks to its zoned support, pressure on the shoulders is reduced even more.

Fully upholstered:
An operation performed exclusively by hand to ensure exceptional long-lasting comfort.

An all-season sleeping surface: 4 cm of firm Softcare and 640 g* of French wool
The wool acts like a natural air-conditioning system for the body providing absolute thermal comfort. This fibre naturally prevents mites from proliferating ensuring your nights are healthy and restorative. Softcare® is an exclusive cover, which delivers all-embracing contact comfort feel through its inherent resilience.

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